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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that sites store in the memory of your computer (smartphone, tablet).
Cookies can be created when visiting a site, in most cases keeping the harmless and anonymous information that is needed on the site to provide better service and to allow certain functionalities of the site.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are usually necessary to collect statistical information or to provide functionality to users of the site.
We use cookies on the one hand, to be able to log on to the site, to know that you are logged in and not to ask for a user and password on each individual page, on the other hand, to collect information about the number of visitors to the site and what content they use.
Also, services like Youtube, Google and others create their own cookies.
It is important to note that the cookies we use contain only anonymous information in order to improve our customer service and our services. They do not contain personal information.

Cookies for user behavior analysis

These cookies also recognize the number of visitors to our site, reveal how visitors use the site and which content is interesting and sought by them.

Terms and conditions of use of the site kring.bg

Visitors and users of this web site should carefully read these Terms and conditions before using this web site. If the user uses this web site is deemed to have accepted and is fully agree with these terms and conditions. If the user does not accept these terms and conditions, they must not use this website.
This document contains the general terms and conditions according to which “Kring Health Foods” Ltd. provides services to its users through the site located on the domain kring.bg. These terms bind all users. The user agrees, fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these general terms and conditions by loading the built Hyper-links located on the server used by us or by paying and using paid services offered by us. Identification of the user for the purpose of reproducing his/her statement of acceptance of the terms and conditions shall be made by the user’s address and any other information stored in the log files of the servers used by us.

Site usage Rules

“Kring Health Foods” Ltd. (hereafter “provider”), as a company that has created and operates the site of the domain kring.bg, entitles users to upload and view all materials that are published on it only for personal use with Non-commercial purposes, provided that all copyright and relevant indications are complied with and complied with. The materials on this website are not permitted to be altered in any way, nor copied, distributed, or transmitted for any public or commercial purpose. The use of materials published on this website on other sites is prohibited. The materials on this website are protected by the Law on copyright and related rights and any unauthorized use may be a violation of copyright, trademark rights or other legal provisions.

Rights and responsibilities of the parties

The materials and services in this web site are limited to the specified terms and conditions without any warranties, including commercial and target. The obligations of the provider in respect of the products and services offered on this website are governed by the relevant agreements with the importers and/or distributors of the products presented. The provider also assumes no guarantee of the accuracy and integrity of the published materials, software or services on this website. The provider has the right at any time and without notice of making changes in published materials, services and prices.
Some of the published materials may be outdated, and the provider assumes no responsibility to update them. Any of the information published on this website may refer to products, services or programs that are not available and are not currently available. For more information about the available products, contact us on the contact details below.

Limitation of liability

“Kring Health Foods” Ltd., its suppliers or third parties shall not be liable under any occasions for any damages, but not only damages from lost profits, loss of information or other resulting of use, inability to Use or the results of the use of this website, which is independent of the existence or non-existence of a warning to the provider of any possibility of such damage occurring. In the event that, as a result of your use of this website, or materials thereof, on your part, result in the occurrence of damages that require repair, servicing or repair equipment or information the user assumes all responsibility and all Costs related to the removal of damage damage.

Rights and obligations under the Consumer Protection Act

Under the CPA, the provider is respected to provide the following information freely:
Name and Address: “Kring Health Foods” Ltd, Sofia City, zk. Banishora,
Delivery methods are detailed on the shipping page.

Consumer Information

The provider does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from users via this website. All materials, information and other communications broadcast or sent from this website will be considered non-confidential and not subject to rights. The personal information that users may send to this web site for the purpose of obtaining products or services provided under this website is under the protection of the Personal Data Protection Act. Users may not display or send to or from this website any unlawful, offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other information that violates the laws in force. The provider uses the personal information of the users of the website in order to better identify their needs and interests and thus be able to provide services of higher quality. In some cases, the provider uses the information sent by users to help to request an order or execute a transaction, to maintain contact with them, to inform about products, services and offers, to personalize promotional offers.
The provider does not sell or rent, lease or in any other way the personal information sent by the users to third parties.

User comments and opinions about goods

The pages of this website may allow users to publish views on the goods offered. The provider does not assume in any way and under no circumstances responsibility for the correctness of the published information and the correctness and responsibility of the users published the opinions. The responsibility for the correctness of the published information lies entirely with the users who have published the information. The provider reserves the right to delete posts that are not on the subject or are not in Bulgarian language. In cases of problems and complaints, users use the contact form, which is part of this internet site.

Links to other web sites and to this web site

The available links from this internet site to websites owned by third parties are provided solely for the convenience of users. If you use these links, you will exit this website. The provider does not control these sites of these persons and assumes no responsibility for any of them or their content. Thus, the provider does not, in any way, impose or recommend these third-party websites, nor the information published in them. When you visit some of these sites, users do so entirely on their own responsibility and at their own risk.
Users of this website may link to it from other sites, but only if the terms of the provider are met. The provider declares that it does not agree to receive links from sites with pornographic, spammy or irrelevant content. Users can obtain the exact requirements of the provider in this matter by contacting them through the contact form.


All used names, signs and symbols of products published on this site are trademarks or are protected by the laws of the law, which are owned by their owners.

General remarks

The provider manages this Internet site from its office in Sofia, Bulgaria. The provider does not declare that the materials or services on this Internet site are appropriate or available outside of Bulgaria and, accordingly, access to them from territories where their content is illegal is prohibited.
The provider may modify these terms at any time by updating the date of publication after the change.
For further questions, please contact us on the mail and Phones page.

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Resolving consumer disputes of the European Commission – http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/