Kring 1, Tsar Simeon Str. 72
10 – 15 February 2020


Red lentil soup
Sautéed potatoes
Bulgur with vegetables
Coconut rice
Seitan with an exotic sauce
Breaded celery bites
Seitan fillet with mushroom sauce
Steam broccoli with sautéed vegetables
Armenian pizza

Milk soup with Oyster mushroom
Potatoes with rosemary
Millet with carrots and corn
Rice with leeks and olives
Spinach curry
Sea bites
Wine kebab with seitan
Green bean with sesame сесам
Vegan moussaka

Wednesday – No gluten day

Soup with buckwheat and mushrooms
Potatoes with fresh thyme
Brown rice with peppers and corn
Millet with cashew and raisins
Chile beans with sweet potato
Zucchini in milk sauce, vegan
Mish-mash Tofu
Sauteed white and red cabbage


Cream soup cauliflower
Potatoes with cumin
Bulgur with carrots and corn
Rice with cabbage and carrots
Curry wurst
Seitan fillet with cooking cream
Soy chunks with bamboo fillets and veggies
Steam broccoli with sautéed vegetables
Patties with tofu, sun dried tomatoes and olives


Soup with millet and zucchini
Sautéed potatoes
Quinoa with aubergine and sweet potato
Rice with cashew and raisins
Cabbage with beans on the oven
Tofu curry
Fricasse with oyster
Steam carrots with sautéed vegetables
Balls of sprouted lentils


Spinach cream soup
Potatoes with colorful salt
Lemon rice
Bulgur pilaf
Seitan fillet with Tikka masala
Vegan meatballs with white sause
Tofu in Chinese
Green bean with sesame сесам
Sweet potato in the oven

Description of allergens:

сесам – sesame

– nuts

– peanuts

– soy

– celery

– mustard

– milk

– lupine

– gluten

– eggs

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