Kring, Tsar Simeon Str. 72


Red lentils soup with coconut milk
Sautéed potatoes
Rice with cabbage and carrots
Seitan with an exotic sauce
Spinach curry with tofu
Spaghetti in Japanese
Steam broccoli with sautéed vegetables
Armenian pizza
Cream soup sweet potato
Rice with zucchini
Potatoes with cumin
Tofu with prunes and tomatoes
Seitan Stroganoff vegan
Sauteed vegan sausages
Wok fried veggies
Roasted aubergine with mozzаrеlla
Wednesday – No gluten day
Soup with spinach and brown rice
Sautéed potatoes
Coconut rice
Zucchini in milk sauce, vegan
Chickpeas curry
Mish-mash Tofu
Roasted vegetables
Balls of sprouted lentils
Bean soup
Lemon rice
Potatoes with savory
Jamaican stew
Seitan with Pepper sauce
Soya chunks with pineaplle and veggies sesame
Steamed green bean with sesamesesame
Sweet potato in the oven
Soup with millet and zucchini
Rice with fresh onion and olives
Potatoes “Swiss” sesame
Spinach curry with tofu
Seitan fillet with fennel
Penne Bolognese
Marinated artichoke with sauteed veggies
Spring rolls
Milk soup with Oyster mushroom
Rice with spinach
Potatoes with colorful salt
Carribean curried seitan fillets
Kavarma with soy bites
Breaded celery bites
Steamed broccoli with vegetables
Vegan moussaka

Description of allergens:

sesame – sesame

– nuts

– peanuts

– soy

– celery

– mustard

– milk

– lupine

– gluten

– eggs

Home delivery

For order problems –
tel. 0700 10 400

Kring Delivery

to every point in Sofia (where TakeAway do not deliver)
For orders: mob. 0886 111 976
From Monday till Saturday
Time of delivery: 12:00 – 17:00 h.
Price of delivery: 5 lv.
Minimum amount of order: 25 lv.
For orders from the buffet made 24 h. earlier: 5% discount.
For advance order from teh buffetfor the whole next week (min. 4 days): 10% discount.



from r-t Kring, Tsar Simeon Str. 72
make your order at
mob: 0886 111 976
and get it from the Kring restaurant
after 30 minutes